• Ventilation/Surface Treatment


    Synthetic materials have proven to be effective in ventilation systems. They are not affected by gases nor aggressive chemicals. They are resistant and light and offer wide possibilities to multiple problems that might arise : circular or square ducts, bends and curves, valves, reductions, etc.

  • Water treatment


    Do you need to stock chemical products ? Take synthetic tanks, drums or containers. They do not need any special lining and they aren’t attacked by chemicals! You can even have tailor made light containers.

    Water treatment
  • CNC Machining


    We have a high precision CNC Machining Unit to manufacture parts with different shapes, sizes and finishings, according to customer’s design or sample. We can work different materials like acrylic, compact polycarbonate, HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF and Dibond sandwich panels.

    Manquinação CNC
  • Decor/Marketing/Merchandising


    Synthetic materials ? Their variety and manufacturing possibilities are a novelty in the interior design sector. They resist to humidity and do not loose color, they cut, bend et support printing and serigraphic applications.

  • Engineering Works


    Do you have materials to transport, stock or mix ? We have the solution : tanks, containers, skids, boxes, piping and tailor made accessories. You offer to you the possibilitiy to modify or tune your standard tanks and containers.

    Engineering Works


Engineering Works

Inspection pits
Compact WWTP for households
Sceptic tanks for households
Oil separators from 1 l/s
Grease traps from 500 L
Big tanks and containers for water and other chemical products
Dosing tanks
Retention basins
Complementary equipments for WWTP
Grid flooring and walkways
Plastic deck
Piping and other accessories

Inspection pits from Ventiplast are manufactured in PVC or PE and offer the ideal solution to solve problems from connecting different piping in different plastic materials.

Ventiplast can offer a wide collection of solutions for water and waste water treatment and storing. We have special compact equipments for domestic waste water treatment (sewerage) and also wastewaters contaminated with oils and greases.

We also have special containers for used oil storage, rain harvesting et chemical products storage.